We’ve got your back at every step of the way, as we follow our bullet proof 15-step New Build Plan to help guide you through the process of a new build.

Martinsville Realtor

  1. Meet one-on-one with Orchard Hills Realty. We’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. Learning a bit more about what you are looking for will help us find the perfect home in the perfect location for you.
  2. Select the Neighborhood. We will help find the best builder in the area you are most interested in. If you want certain amenities like a pool, walking trails, or even old growth trees in your neighborhood,  then Orchard Hills Realty will make certain that we identify some excellent options for you.
  3. Take a Tour. We’ll accompany you to tour the neighborhood and to view the model homes for the builder that most closely fits your criteria.
  4. Select Floor Plan & Builder. Once we have found a floor plan that fits your needs, we’ll contract with the builder to build your new home.
  5. Pick Your Lot. Builders often times have several lots to choose from, so we’ll help you identify if a standard or premium lot would be best depending on your criteria.
  6. Pick Your Options. Most builders will have a standard offering of options listed in the Base Price for a new home build. However, it’s often easier and cheaper to upgrade items within your new home now rather than waiting until after the home is built. Additional upgrades include items like a finished basement, garage door openers, upgraded cabinet hardware, upgraded carpet and flooring options, and more.
  7. Final Contract + Pre-Construction Appointment. Once all your options for your new home are finalized, we will write the final purchase contract. The contract will list all options, the lot you choose, and other specifics for your home. Also, before the framing begins on your home, your Personal Builder meets with you to review final plans, layout, and your selections.
  8. Design Center Appointment. We will schedule an appointment to select the colors for your home. This is when you’ll select the wall colors, exterior colors, cabinet colors, flooring, etc. While this is a fun step in the process, we will want to be cautious about upgrades at this point because it can affect your overall purchase price which requires approval from your lender.
  9. Pre-Drywall Walk-Through. Once the framing is finished and the electrical and mechanical systems are being installed, we will schedule a walk through before drywall goes up and we head into the home stretch of the finishing stage. At this walk through, we can identify any special areas where we would want electrical outlets, internet outlets, or even items like areas where you may want to wall mount a television.
  10. Pre-Closing Walk-Through. We are near the end. This is walk-through is when we’ll make sure that everything has been built to your satisfaction. We will also educate you on how to operate things like your HVAC system, sprinkler system, etc. We will also provide you with tips on care and maintenance of those items.
  11. Final Walk-Through. Typically occurring on the same day as your closing, the final walk-through is to showcase your new home, ensuring that you know how everything works, and review any items from your previous walk-throughs to ensure they have been completed.
  12. Homeowner Orientation. Sometimes combined with the final walk-through, this step occurs before closing and includes demonstrations of the features of your new home (appliances, HVAC, etc). We also discuss customer care and service steps with the builder in case issues arise during the warranty period.
  13. Closing. Your home is complete, so we the closing date (aka settlement date) will take place at least 2 days after your orientation and final walk-through. We will schedule this date with the title company, making sure to confirm the time, location, and any necessary items you need to bring with you for the closing. The title company explains the details of your home purchase, identifies the documents that you will need to sign, and finalizes your purchase. At this step, you’ll receive the keys to brand new home and can start moving in!
  14. 30-Day Warranty. We will follow-up to schedule any repairs or address questions you may have about your new home. Your builder will handle the repairs, but we’ll ensure they are completed to your satisfaction.
  15. 12-Month Warranty. Around month 11 of your warranty period, we will revisit our commitment to you by reaching out to help coordinate any warranty work that needs to be addressed before your 1 year warranty expires.

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